5 Great Things: Artist's call to action, Beautifying 100 N. Main, Deputy for a day

(WMC) - The momentary thrill of the moon passing in front of the sun may be gone... but there's no "eclipsing" the 5 Great Things that happened in the Mid-South this week!

‘Barrier Free’ exhibit uses art, monuments to unite community

A Memphis artist is using the power of art to unite Memphis in light of the divisive fight over Confederate monuments. Yancy Villa Calvo said, "Its a call to action for all of us." Calvo's "Barrier Free" exhibit is filled with photography and sculptures.Her goal is to show we are all better when we work together.

Shelby County earned $3.3B in tourism revenue in 2016

Shelby County pulled in the second highest amount of tourism revenue in Tennessee. Shelby County took in $3.3 billion from tourism. That was good for second place behind Davidson County, which is where Nashville is located. Davidson County took in $6 billion. Tennessee's tourism earned the state $1.7 billion in sales tax revenue and created 176,500 jobs.?

Viral Memphis teacher gets major honor from ESPN Academy

He gained recognition for encouraging his students. Now, a Mid-South teacher is receiving an honor from the ESPN Academy. Michael Scruggs teaches at W.E.B. Dubois Charter School and was recently featured on Ellen after posting a video of his daily laps around the class. Scruggs is being honored as "Educator of the Year" at this weekend's ESPN Academy "Behold The Stars" dinner.

Artists paint mural outside Memphis' tallest building

A project is underway that will help beautify the tallest building in Memphis. Downtown Memphis Commission asked artists to decorate the plywood located at 100 N Main Street. The plywood blocks were put up around the building after vandals were going inside the vacant building without permission. Now, artists are spending three days turning those plywood blocks into works of art.

7-year-old St. Jude patient named honorary deputy

DeSoto County Sheriff's Department made a young St. Jude patient an honorary deputy. Piero Montiel Arroyo, 7, was gr anted his Make-A-Wish to be a deputy for a day. Sheriff Bill Rasco swore in Piero and put him to action, which included traffic stops and an arrest.
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