Non-Harvey rain floods Mid-South cities, causes school closure

Flooding in Humboldt, TN. (Source: WMC Action News 5)
Flooding in Humboldt, TN. (Source: WMC Action News 5)

HUMBOLDT, TN (WMC) - Heavy downpours popped up in Memphis and other Mid-South cities Monday.

The rain was not related to Hurricane Harvey, which is causing massive flooding in Texas. Harvey is expected to come to the Mid-South, but the storm will not arrive until the end of the week.

Monday's rain in the Mid-South was part of a cold front that moved through the Mid-South.

Severe ponding on some roads caused problems in Memphis. One of the worst areas was the intersection of Poplar Avenue and International Drive.

One round of heavy rain even forced Humboldt City Schools to close Monday.

Heavy rains in the city caused flooding on several roads. The worst hit areas are in Three Way and Humboldt.

Madison County Fire Department said first responders have been called to one water rescue so far.

"The roads down here on Mitchell Street flooded," Jacqui Jones, who lives in Humboldt, said.

Jones had to be cautious as she drove along the slick roads Monday. Residents said over two or three hours more than two feet of rain fell on the city, causing the National Weather Service to issue a flash flood warning for the area until 1:45 in the afternoon and police to shut down several roads.

"It was raining really hard and really a lot a of thunder," Lina Turner, a Humboldt resident, said.

Turner could not believe her eyes when she saw parents picking up their kids from school. But she quickly learned the school district had canceled classes because of the rain.

"Oh my God they closed the school down for a little rain. I didn't think it was that serious," Turner said.

Others saying the move by the school district may have saved lives.

"Some of the kids live in rural areas where the water gets up, and they've already had at least one accident since I've been back in Humboldt," a resident said.

Eventually the water did recede and things got back to normal. We have reached out to the school district see if students will return to class on Tuesday, and we are waiting to hear back.

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