14-year-old son, two friends save dad from boating accident

TUNICA CO., MS (WMC) - A 14-year-old son and his two friends saved his dad after his head got stuck between the concrete and the tire of his truck.

Bob Staub said he wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for his son, Nick, and his two best friends, Riley Goff and Paul Husband.

"Yeah, they are heroes," Bob said.

"I just hopped out of the boat and pushed it," Goff said.

While out on Tunica Lake this past weekend, the group ran into some trouble.

Staub was taking the boat out of the water when the gears of his SUV got stuck.

He said he went under the car to manually fix the problem, only to realize that he forgot to pull the emergency brake.

That's when the SUV tire rolled on his head, leaving him unconscious and stuck in between the concrete and truck tire.

"I started pushing, and they immediately jumped out the boat," Nick said.

Nick and his friends went into action, pushing the truck off of Bob.

"These three kids had enough sense to make some right decisions," Bob said.

Bob regained consciousness, and despite the serious incident, he was left without any major injuries and credits the brave boys.

"It was really scary," Nick said. "It just makes us feel lucky that he is still here."

All three boys attend Houston High School. and they said this experience taught them a lot and won't keep them off the water.

They even started a new club at their high school dedicated to boating and fishing.

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