Teens fake steal items in bizarre new video trend

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A new and bizarre viral video stunt where teenagers pretend to steal items and run from stores is beginning to pop up in the Mid-South.

The trend is called "Boonkin," and it is all over social media, starting in South Florida by a man named John Hill with one stunt at a Miami doughnut shop that did not end well.

Hill's stunts have gone viral, with four million views, including one where Hill jumps over the counter in at a Miami Dunkin Donuts, takes a rack of donuts, and walks out of the door.

He brought the rack with doughnuts back but got arrested anyway.

Now teens in the Memphis area are beginning to catch on to the trend.

Last week at the We Get It Covered Store in Cordova, store manager Landis Moss said some teenagers came in to get a broken phone screen repaired. The paid for it and asked if they could pretend they were stealing it.

"They acted like they ran off with the phone without paying for it," Moss said. "I figured it'd be good for them. Kids get followers, and I'd get exposure on my store."

But not everybody think the stunt is funny.

"Somebody thinks they're stealing it, there's an armed security guard, they kill the kid," shopper Taylor White said.

Moss said the teens posted their Boonkin experience on social media, and he did not know how to get in contact with the teens.

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