Tennessee Task Force One rescues hundreds in Houston floods

HOUSTON, TX (WMC) - A 70-man crew from the Mid-South is in the midst of the devastation in Houston to provide help.

Since arriving, the Tennessee Task Force One crew has worked 12-hour days as an extension of the Houston Fire Department.

They continue to go into some of the hardest-hit areas rescuing victims fleeing Harvey's wrath.

Rescue crews in the water and in the air are a welcome sight to Texans still trapped inside their flooded homes, desperate to escape.

Pleas for help continue to pour in.

"I've been on a lot of deployments, and this by far the worst I've ever seen," said Deputy Chief Dale Lock.

Many of the calls for help were answered by the Tennessee Task Force One who left for Texas ahead of the storm.

They've already brought more than 1,300 people to higher ground.

On Tuesday, crews went into a neighborhood expecting to rescue just an elderly couple but were met by hundreds crying out to be saved too.

"And there was just literally hundreds of people with flashlights screaming and hollering at us to rescue them," Deputy Chief Lock said. "We had a mission so we were going to complete that mission. So, we told them 'hey, we'll be back.'"

Crews used fire hydrants then street signs to measure the rising water.

In some areas of Houston, water is a foot higher than those items, even cars.

Working around the clock, first responders and even volunteers are met with resonating appreciation for their tireless work.

"The residents have been overwhelmingly supportive of us," Deputy Chief Lock said. "Even in neighborhoods we drive through where we're not doing rescues, they are standing outside screaming at us, giving us food and water. They've been great!"

The task force will remain in Houston until help is no longer need, but they said they won't be coming home anytime soon.

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