Putting the rainfall in Houston in perspective

Putting the rainfall in Houston in perspective

As Harvey finally exits the Gulf Coast and moves through the nation's midsection including the Mid-South, the city of Houston gets a much needed break from five days of excessive rain and wind.

They can now begin thinking about the process of rebuilding, but they still must wait for flood waters to recede and that could take a few more days.

The final rainfall total for Houston exceeded the city's annual rainfall.

On average, Houston receives 50 inches of rain per year.

In the five days that Harvey lingered over the city and the Texas coast, the storm dumped 51.88 inches of rain at one location just outside the city.

That's the unofficial total at this time and if confirmed, will set a record for rainfall from a single storm.

That's almost 2 inches more than Houston gets in a year.

To put that into perspective, the city of Seattle, which many think is the rainiest city in America, only gets 38 inches of rain per year on average.

Compare that to one of the driest cities in America, Phoenix, Arizona, which records an average rainfall of 8 inches per year.

Houston got six times that in just five days.

The Houston total is just over a inch shy of the average annual rainfall in Memphis of 53.65 inches.

It could be several days before the waters finally recede and Houston dries out, but it will likely take months even years before the city completely rebuilds.

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