Second storage locker holds more Damien Echols' poems, journals

(Source: WMC Action News 5)
(Source: WMC Action News 5)

WEST MEMPHIS, AR (WMC) - Consider it another battle won in a storage war a Mid-South man never knew he was fighting.

In June, WMC5's Janice Broach shared the story of a man in Bull Shoals, Arkansas, who bought an abandoned storage locker full of items tied to a notorious Mid-South murder case. He didn't know what he had at the time, but he's done it again with a second storage locker.

"It's a double jackpot actually. It's the grand jackpot as far as dealing with the stuff we got from him," said Rob Horn, who was referring to the stuff that once belonged to Damien Echols from the West Memphis Three case.

When he purchased the first storage locker in June, he had never heard of Damien Echols. He sold almost everything from that storage locker, which actually belonged to Echols' wife, Lorri.

After his story aired on WMC Action News 5, another man who bought a storage locker abandoned by Lorri Echols contacted Horn. This time, Horn is well aware of what it's worth.

"I was so excited to see this stuff," he said. "There's more stuff. There's more books. There's more personal stuff. There's some things in here that he's written, handwritten in prison, that makes it worth a lot more."

Echols, who spent more than 18 years on death row, wrote journals that clearly show how hard Lorri worked to get him out of prison.

On April 24, he wrote:

"Lorri is on a plane headed for Las Vegas right now. Another meeting with the attorneys this time at "Hooters Hotel." I'm note expecting much at this meeting."

Echols wrote that his wife's investigators looked at other suspects while he was behind bars.

"Lorri is still in West Memphis where she has been for days. Yesterday, she acquired a cigarette butt from one of her 'suspects' to have DNA tested."

Celebrities like Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder and actor Johnny Depp raised money for the West Memphis Three defendants to obtain new attorneys.

Lorri helped sell Damien's prison art.

May 13: "When I talked to Lorri this morning, she said the art show was a smashing success. The bidding started at $250 for each piece and some sold for quite a bit more."

Horn now possesses a box of court documents and letters from attorneys and investigators like world-re-known forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht.

There are numerous books and poems written by Echols, which Horn would like to publish, if it's legal. They include titles like, "Aesthetic Heroin: The Death Row Poems," "Midnight and Leather," and "Almost Home My Life Story."

"You know how I said I was so lucky to get the last one, just right place, right time," Horn said. "Well, luck must run in my family."

Horn said he has been in communication with Damien and Lorri Echols. He said they want the storage locker items back. He said he did return Lorri's high school yearbook, some photos, and her baby book, because he knew she couldn't replace those, but he plans to auction the rest of the items online.

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