MLGW: Power outages should be resolved by Sunday

MLGW: Power outages should be resolved by Sunday

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis Light, Gas & Water continues to restore power after Tropical Depression Harvey made its way through Memphis.

MLGW President Jerry Collins said power will be completely restored by Sunday.

Crews are focusing on areas with the most outages and working their way down. They currently have hundreds of points of emphasis to focus on.

"Didn't have no air," said Michael Boyland, who lives in South Memphis. "I'm glad it wasn't hot."

Boyland was at home when his power went out for more than 12 hours. He uses an oxygen tank to help him breathe, and he lives at home with his elderly mother.

"Just wasn't breathing as good as I breathe at first with oxygen," said Boyland, who was happy to see MLGW crews in his neighborhood.

"In May it was worse because it was humid, last night it was bad because of all the mosquitoes," said Richard Roberts, who worried his family might spend Labor Day weekend in the dark.

It wasn't long ago that Roberts, along with 180,000 other people, lost power over Memorial Day weekend.

"And we had to go all night," Roberts said. "I've got kids, food going bad in the refrigerator. You can't do anything."

MLGW says it is always working to upgrade systems to prevent mass outages.

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