5 Great Things: Mid-Southerners to the rescue of Harvey victims

5 Great Things: Mid-Southerners to the rescue of Harvey victims

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Flooding from Harvey virtually devastated our neighbors to the south, and since Mid-Southerners are known for jumping into action when someone is in need, this week, we're sharing 5 of the Great Things the Mid-South is doing to help and honor Hurricane Harvey victims.

High Schoolers raise money

White Station High School students were spurred into action after witnessing the disastrous effects of the storm.

The students said they weren't letting their young age stop them from doing the right thing--in this case, helping others in need. So, they used their lunch break to raise money, their goal: $2,000.

Mississippi State helmet decals

Mississippi State will wear special helmet decals in honor of the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. The football team will wear them against Charleston Southern.

Task Force One goes to Houston

A 70-man crew from the Mid-South is in the midst of the devastation in Houston to provide help.

Since arriving, the Tennessee Task Force One crew has worked 12 hour days -- going into some of the hardest-hit areas rescuing victims.

They've brought more than 1,300 people to higher ground. The task force will remain in Houston until help is no longer need, but they said they won't be coming home anytime soon.

Ole Miss fraternity raises money

An Ole Miss fraternity is donating thousands to help those impacted by Harvey, and they raised the money with tweets.

Kappa Sigma posted a tweet Tuesday afternoon, saying they would donate 25 cents for every retweet and 10 cents for every like.

The response was overwhelming. Kappa Sigma plans to donate $10,000 altogether to Houston.

Boy gets treatment at Lebonheur

A little boy fighting a fatal neurological disease arrived at LeBonheur Children's Medical Center in Memphis so he wouldn't miss a dose of a treatment that helps to slow the terminal outcome.

Every two weeks, 6-year-old Micah McCorkle goes to Houston to receive his treatments for Batten disease.

But, with Hurricane Harvey on the way, his family had to come up with a back-up plan.

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