Two Mid-South children shot over the weekend

Two Mid-South children shot over the weekend

HORN LAKE, MS (WMC) - Over the weekend, two Mid-South children were shot--one dead in Horn Lake and one injured in Tupelo.

This is a disturbing pattern that keeps repeating itself, children accidentally shooting themselves.

On Sunday, a candlelight vigil was held for Cameron Williams who died after accidentally shooting himself in Horn Lake.

"The cove was packed with people, standing in the yards, in the street, putting candles down, holding candles, so it was very heartfelt and heart touching," Horn Lake Alderman Charlie Roberts said.

"It is very devastating to lose your child or grandchild like that over something negligent," Rosetta Fitzgerald, grandmother of an 8-year-old who shot and killed himself on Aug. 20.

Right now Horn Lake Police are calling the most recent shooting accidental.

We do know of at least two fathers who have been arrested for reckless homicide in these accidental shootings.

Local precincts will give gun locks for free to parents.

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