Mid-South doctors shun vaccine debate

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Mid-South doctors say the debate over vaccines is not much of a debate.

Dr. Jeff Mullins with Methodist Medical Group has been a family doctor for 25 years. He said vaccines have saved more of lives and prevented more diseases than any other advancement in history.

Mullins said there is a resurgence of old diseases because people are not getting vaccinated.

"There is no medical treatment that is 100 percent safe," Mullins said. "If you ever read the package insert on a bottle of Tylenol, you'll probably never take another Tylenol in your life, and yet millions of people take them without real harm every day."

He said the idea that vaccines cause autism has been debunked.

"We had Measles in Memphis last year from people who have some type of unscientific prejudice towards vaccines."

Parents can do what they want with their kids, but Dr. Mullins said the facts are parents who don't vaccinate their children are putting their lives and the lives of other children at risk.

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