Tennessee Task Force One to return to Memphis on Tuesday

Tennessee Task Force One to return to Memphis on Tuesday

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Tennessee Task Force One is returning to Memphis after being sent on rescue missions from Hurricane Harvey.

The 80-member task force headed to the Lone Star State on Aug. 24 as one of several FEMA crews deployed to help rescue Harvey victims.

"There was just literally hundreds of people with flashlights screaming and hollering for us to rescue them. We had a mission. So we told them we would complete that mission and we'd be back," Deputy Chief Dale Lock said.

The task force saved more than 1,300 people, working 12-hour days, but even during the rare moments when they didn't have to rescue people, the appreciation they felt was overwhelming.

"The residents have been overwhelmingly supportive of us," Lock said. "Even in the neighborhoods where we drive through and we're not doing rescues, they are standing outdoors, hollering and screaming at us and offering us food and water. They have been great."

Tennessee Task Force One is expected back in Memphis on Tuesday afternoon.

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