Military aircraft sent to Millington to dodge Hurricane Irma

MILLINGTON, TN (WMC) - Dozens of military aircraft will be taken to Millington to ride out Hurricane Irma.

Millington Memphis Airport representatives said they expect Osprey and Cobra helicopters, C-130 transport planes, and other aircraft from the southeast to be taken there to stow away from the hurricane.

Aircraft could come in from Jacksonville, Savannah, Pensacola, and other places through the weekend.

Airport officials said they expect to see 19 aircraft, but are capable of holding as many as 100. If Irma shifts west enough, the airport could see as many as 70.

"We serve as the hurricane evacuation airfield for many military units," executive director Roy Remington said. "You've got portions of units that are elsewhere in the country that maybe weren't part of the major evacuation that have to get somewhere."

Memphis Air National Guard requested the airport provide fuel, supplies, services, and support to aircraft bound for hurricane relief areas.

"That will happen over the next couple of weeks I'm sure when we are providing that aid, a stopping point for them to refuel, resupply, and then head back down south," Millington Memphis Airport Fire Chief Mike Gill said.

This is not the first time the airport has been used to help military flee a hurricane--they received aircraft as recently as last year, but this is one of the largest amount of planes they've gotten. They've even stored up to 200.

"We continue to get phone calls from units looking for a place to go," Remington said.

In addition, military members will be in Millington and Memphis as they take shelter from the storm.

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