Rhodes College student allegedly posts hate-filled DACA response on 'alt-right' website

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - An article allegedly written by a Rhodes College student has the campus in shock.

Students said the article, written on AltRight.com, was an angry and hate-filled response to a email recently sent out to students by the college president and student leaders.

"Basically stating our support for recipients of DACA that were working with us and living with us," Anna Shank-Root, a sophomore at Rhodes, said about the email from the president and student leaders.

"To be honest, it really scared me...very concerned for a lot of my friends," Lindsay Dew, also a sophomore at Rhodes, said about the article allegedly written by a fellow student.

Students said the alt-right writer originally sent his response as an email. It starts off, "I am disgusted yet not all surprised at the ridiculous 'Joint Statement on DACA' sent out to the student body..."

But students say the article posted online goes a step further.

"It was just very hateful. Just using a lot of slurs and just attacking a lot of groups of people," Dew said.

One line in the article states, "White folks don't give a *expletive* about "Dreamers" and instead harbor their own dreams of a society with free Whites, free of the troublesome burden of minorities."

The article ends by saying, "...one way or another, we will get what we want."

However, after that article was published online, students said they were proud of an email sent to them by the president, continuing to support DACA students.

"In my view, a good way to respond to bigoted or racist speech is with a vigorous reaffirmation of our positive values. I encourage all of us to re-read the Rhodes College statement of vision and diversity. This is who we are," the email said.

"We're a diverse community, and we love each other for it," Shank-Root said.

"If anything, he just brought people closer together," Dew added.

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