2 men arrested for kidnapping, raping Ole Miss student

OXFORD, MS (WMC) - Panola County Sheriff's Department arrested two men accused of kidnapping an Ole Miss student.

District Attorney said 34-year-old Charles Roger Prince and 28-year-old Kedrick Kevon Norwood have both been arrested and charged with one count of kidnapping and rape.

Oxford Police Department said the woman and a friend received a ride around 1 a.m. Sunday from two men they did not know. The men picked up the women at Oxford Square.

"These two people showed up and said 'Hey, do y'all need a ride,' and they [the women] got in the car with them," Hildon Sessums, captain of the Oxford Police Department said.

After riding around for an hour, one woman stayed in the car while her friend got out. The friend who got out, later became worried about her friend.

"She was worried about her friend because she had tried calling her and she wasn't answering her phone, so that's when we got involved with the sheriffs department," Sessums said.

Police said the woman was taken to a house in Panola County that morning and was held against her will.

Panola County Sheriff's Department received a tip around 10:30 p.m. Sunday that she was there, and deputies were able to get the woman to safety and took the two men into custody.

The Clarion Ledger reported both men were on parole at the time the crime occurred.

Oxford police said they just implemented a new downtown unit to help better protect patrons in the square, along with 12-15 security cameras.

It was a busy night when the girls were abducted. It was the night of an Ole Miss football game, so the bars were open late.

"There's only so much we can do. If you get a ride with people, that's not going to look suspicious to us because people are constantly getting picked up and dropped off up there, but just know we are there and are doing our best," Sessums said.

OPD said it hopes to install more lights and cameras by the end of the year in downtown; that way officers can actually control and move in real time.

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