7 Germantown windows smashed in 2 days

GERMANTOWN, TN (WMC) - Seven windows were smashed across Germantown over a two-day span.

On Saturday, Sept. 2 between 9:15 a.m. and 6:30 p.m., five car windows alone were shattered--along with Jonathan Barlow's peace of mind.  He lives in the first place that was hit along Poplar Woods Circle South.

"I'm in shock. That's not something you're commonly hearing in Germantown," said Barlow. "I'm parking here thinking it's gonna be safe. I don't want to hear 'hey five cars in one night.'"

While Barlow has never had his window smashed, Mickey Ryan has.

Ryan lives on Spring Hollow Lane, and someone on his street had a window in their home broken. It was the only window of the seven that wasn't a car window, and it was also one of two that police are not officially calling vandalism.

Ryan remembers how angry he was when it happened to him.

"It's just the aggravation of having to go find somebody to put a window on," he said.

It's aggravation seven people now painfully understand.

Police said nothing was stolen from any of the cars or the home, and they are still investigating whether any of them are connected.

Police are also still looking for the people responsible for smashing all of those windows.

If you know anything, you are urged to call Germantown police.

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