Memphis changes vehicle booting laws to protect citizens

Memphis changes vehicle booting laws to protect citizens

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - City of Memphis is working to curtail predatory car booting practices.

After being flooded with complaints of vehicles being wrongly booted and those vehicle's drivers being charged high penalties to remove the boots, City of Memphis took action.

"A social service agency brought two bus loads of disabled kids to a basketball game at FedExForum. They charged $400 to release the boots from each van," Aubrey Howard with the City of Memphis said.

To stop this type of price gouging, the city passed a new ordinance so the max amount someone has to pay to get a boot off is $50.

A city ordinance approved July 25 was designed to "regulate those who operate motor vehicle booting businesses in Memphis, in order to prevent frauds, impositions, and other abuses upon its citizens and visitors."

City of Memphis said it will start enforcing the new booting rules October 1.

The new rules require booting companies to place a notice on booted cars. Those notices must contain certain warnings and information for the driver's, and the notices can only be placed on cars parked where parking policy signage is easily visible.

"The ordinance is designed for the public safety and to make sure that the public is not being abused or taken advantage of," Howard said.

Before the ordinance, there was no state or local law governing booting companies. Without any regulations, booting companies were able to boot anyone they wanted and charge them any price they chose.

City of Memphis hopes this new ordinance will stop that predatory practice.

If you believe you have been booted improperly, call City of Memphis Permits Office at 901-636-6711.

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