Mid-South newlyweds forced to ride out Irma on honeymoon

HERNANDO, MS (WMC) - People who were stranded in Florida and the Caribbean during Hurricane Irma are starting to make their way home.

WMC Action News caught up with Shana and Dane Blanchard who had to ride out Irma in the middle of their honeymoon.

"We had a lot of water that leaked up to our rooms as well as the ceiling started caving in, so we had water coming in from the ceiling," Shana said.

The Blanchards, who both work at St. Jude, were married on Sept. 2, and went to the Virgin Islands on their honeymoon.

When they flew in for their honeymoon, they tried to optimistic.

"It was like 'do we want to turn around and go home? Nah, we'll just stick it out,'" Dane said.

The newlyweds sat inside for hours without power as their building shook.

"All the boats were either turned over or on the beach on top of each other," Shana said.

Finally, a rescue boat brought the couple to Puerto Rico to safety. Shana's son, Noah Chackleford, who's home in Hernando, is happy his mom and stepfather are OK.

"When I turned on the news and it showed how the hurricane was going to be right over them, I was like, 'oh, God no,'" he said.

The couple got married the same date as Shana's grandmother, Norma Gill, who was married in 1950. She's been home caring for her grandson, and worrying.

"I was hoping they didn't get blown away," Gill said.

The newlyweds will return to Hernando on Thursday, and they said they're thankful to be alive.

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