Landfill denied expansion near elementary school

FRAYSER, TN (WMC) - Frayser residents can breathe a sigh of relief after fighting to stop the expansion of a landfill.

Memphis Wrecking Company was hoping to expand its current landfill near Whitney Elementary School, but the land use control board unanimously voted to deny the company's application.

It was a very emotional day inside of city council chambers as Memphis Wrecking Company tried again to expand its landfill.

Dozens packed Memphis City Council chambers, some carrying signs in opposition to Memphis Wrecking Company's latest attempt to extend its Frayser landfill.

"Don't dump on Frayser," read several signs.

If the 34-acre expansion were approved, it would be a few hundred yards away from Whitney Achievement School.

"Placing a dump near an elementary school will leave an impression and that impression is not at all positive or good," said Dr. Lasandra Young, principal at Whitney Achievement School.

Representatives for Memphis Wrecking Company made the argument the landfill would have no negative environmental impact and would even help fight blight in Frayser.

"It's a beautiful location," said Carol Williams, CEO of Memphis Wrecking Company. "We've greatly improved the area."

The land use control board voted unanimously, though, to deny the company's application.

The company said it will continue to fight to expand its landfill.

"We've made such a strong case," Williams said. "Today we would like to continue this conversation with them, yes."

Memphis Wrecking Company can now appeal this decision to the full city council. We will update you when that happens.

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