TBI agent testifies phones of Bobo, Adams, Autry in same general location day she was taken

DECATUR COUNTY, TN (WMC) - Day six of the Holly Bobo murder trial was the shortest yet, lasting around two hours.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Michael Frezzell testified for just over an hour, taking up the majority of the time Saturday, about the location of Holly Bobo's phone, Zach Adams' phone, and Jason Autry's phone on the morning of Holly's disappearance. Frezzell used cell phone towers pings from incoming and outgoing calls and messages on the phones to pinpoint their locations.

Candace Wood, who went on a double date with Holly and her boyfriend just days before she was taken, testified about seeing a man, whom she later identified as Shayne Austin, staring at them while on the date.

The first witness called to testify was Debbie Dorris.

Dorris cleans for a living, and she testified that saw Jason Autry and Shayne Austin arguing while she was cleaning.

Michael Frizzell took the stand after Dorris.

Frizzell is an assistant special agent with TBI, and he prepared a report containing phone records, including records from Zach Adams, Jason Autry, and Holly Bobo.

Frizzell testified that during and shortly after the time Holly was taken, phone records indicate that her phone had incoming calls and messages but nothing outgoing. Phone records indicate that just after 8:15 a.m. on the day Holly was taken, her phone began moving further away from her home, according to Frizzell's testimony.

Zach Adams and Jason Autry exchanged phone calls and text messages the morning Holly was taken, phone records show.

Phone records also show Zach Adams' phone and Holly Bobo's phone were in the same general area on the morning of Holly's disappearance.

At 8:55 a.m. that same day, Holly Bobo's phone, Zach Adams' phone, and Jason Autry's phone all pinged off the same tower.

After the prosecution was finished with their questions, the court took a 15-minute recess before the defense began.

The defense decided not to cross-examine Frezzell.

Candace Wood took the stand after Frezzell.

Wood grew up with and went to church with Holly Bobo and her boyfriend at the time and Holly's boyfriend worked together.

The four went on a double date on April 9 to a fair. While at the fair, Wood said she noticed a man on his flip phone glancing at her and Holly Bobo about five or six times. She said it made her feel uncomfortable.

Karen Bobo, Holly's mom, reached out to Wood after Holly went missing, and Wood drew a sketch of the man she saw staring at them.

Karen showed Wood a picture of Shayne Austin, and she identified him as the man she saw staring at them.

The prosecution then turned the questioning over to the defense.

The defense briefly questioned Wood about how long it was between the time she saw the man at the fair and when she drew the sketch.

Testimony wrapped up for the day after Wood, and the trial will resume Monday at 8:30 a.m.

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