Residents, business owners weigh impact of Walnut Grove widening

60-thousand vehicles travel Walnut Grove between I-240 and the Wolf River everyday. The traffic will soon come to a virtual standstill. Thom Tran hopes her business doesn't do the same during construction.

"Yea, I'm very worried about that," says Tran.

Her store sits near the corner of Walnut Grove and Humphreys. It's an intersection that will soon undergo a massive overhaul as part of the project that's about to start. Some believe potential customers might find alternate routes when things come to a crawl.

"Well, I'm always concerned when traffic is going to be possibly diverted away from my business," says Richard Livingston of Quizno's Sub.

Folks at nearby Baptist Hospital will likely be the life-support for his sandwich shop during the three-year construction project.

"We're just hoping people will become accustomed to it," says Livingston.

While business owners are concerned about their bottom lines, those who live in neighborhoods off Walnut Grove are worried about quality of life.

"Traffic on this street right now is very heavy and it's very fast," says Cliff Sulcer of the Brierwood neighborhood Association.

Neighbors are afraid traffic along Brierview may only get worse as people try and escape the mess. They say they've offered suggestions but have hit a dead end.

"We've been told what's going to happen but not been asked our opinions," says Sulcer.

From homes to businesses, the true impact of this project might not be known until it's well underway.

Neighbors say they didn't get many answers during a meeting held Monday night. They hope to meet again with officials in the coming weeks. Both the city and state are sharing the 35-million dollar price-tag of this project.