Neighborhood baffled after windows smashed in unlocked cars

GERMANTOWN, TN (WMC) - For the second time in two weeks, car windows in Germantown were smashed while the owners were away.

Neighbors are chalking it up to kids simply up to no good, but that doesn't ease the victim's frustration after finding a brick inside their car.

Michael Galindez is a night owl, but last Thursday in the early morning hours while working in the garage, he heard something that made him stop.

"I hear a large smash and my truck alarm goes off, and I come out the side door over there and my windshield was broken," Galindez said. "There was a brick inside. If I roll this (window) down you look in there and it's dented, almost like it hit right here."

The window has since been repaired, though remnants of the damage remain scattered across his driveway. Galindez found it bizarre that nothing was taken from his truck, which he keeps unlocked at home.

Until Sunday, Galindez assumed he was the lone victim in this attack of vandalism. Turns out around the same time, his neighbors truck's window was also smashed.

"Did not find that out until last night actually. I told them I wasn't home, we were working, and I told them to keep an eye out some things have been going on there," Galindez said.

The two smashed windows come less than three weeks after a string of shattered car windows were reported to Germantown police--five windows smashed in one day.

"Guess just a little bit of mischief, kids in the neighborhood," Galindez said.

He has stepped up his home security by adding motion sensor lights to spook anyone else who may want to try it again.

Police say nothing was taken from any of the cars, and they are still investigating whether any of them are connected.

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