Gentleman's club going against court ruling to remain open

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - After multiple failed attempts and a WMC Action News 5 investigation, a Fox Meadows club remains open, but code enforcement is digging deeper to shut them down.

Code enforcement said owners at Fancy Gentleman's Club keep going against court rules and posted signs, and they're working to get them shut down for good.

One local pastor has seen enough.

"This is totally unacceptable," Pastor Ruby Holland said.

Officials said they've gotten recent complaints about the club open on South Mendenhall Road. It violates zoning regulations being so close to churches, schools, and apartments where kids play.

"We're going to shut that club down. It can't even be a nightclub," Allen Medlock with Shelby County Code Enforcement said.

The club's Facebook page even posted just last week to announce they are hiring.

"We want to build a case, a strong case to get them shut down for good," Medlock said.

"It's just derogatory for our community and what we stand for," Holland said. "It's just a negative impact on our community."

Code enforcement officials say they've put do not occupy stickers on the doors here three times and each time they say workers have taken those signs down.

"They were on a court order to cover the sign, and they uncovered the signs," Medlock said.

Inspectors say what's happening here is a misdemeanor fine of $50 a day for owners going against zoning codes.

He also mentioned the lead investigator on the case died a few weeks ago, so it's been tough working to fully pursue shutting it down.

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