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2-year-old crying at 'The Good Dinosaur' is equal parts adorable, heartbreaking

(Source: Twitter/@emilybroderick) (Source: Twitter/@emilybroderick)
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"That made me sad!"

The moment 2-year-old Jentree loses her cool while watching "The Good Dinosaur" is the moment our hearts broke.

Jentree was watching the movie with her grandmother when the waterworks started.

In the movie, she becomes sad because the dinosaur falls. While her grandma assures Jentree that the dinosaur is OK, that's not enough to ease the little girl's feelings.

"He wants his momma!" she says through big, eye-filling tears.

If you've seen the movie, you probably know Jentree's pain. Some people consider it the saddest Pixar movie of all time!

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