Congressman Cohen discusses SNAP benefit changes, health care, Sen. Corker

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - In the midst of an ever-changing political landscape, U.S. Congressman Steve Cohen found himself busy answering questions Friday.

After the collapse of the latest push to repeal Obama's health care law, Republicans are fighting to get back their own voters.

President Donald Trump and top congressional Republicans said they will take another run at dismantling the current health care law next year.

Cohen said it shouldn't be about making a new law, but instead, about fixing the old one.

"Right now, we should be working like Lamar Alexander is and fix the system we've got and work for the American people," he said. "People should have access to health care and access to insurance."

In addition to health care, Rep. Cohen responded to Senator Bob Corker's retirement news.

Tennessee is guaranteed to have a new governor and U.S. senator. Ironically, Governor Bill Haslam has been floated as a Senate candidate, while Corker has been floated as a possible gubernatorial candidate.

"If he [Corker] ran for governor, he would be a very strong candidate," Cohen said. "He was the commissioner of finance and administrator when I was a state senator. He was well liked by both sides of the aisle and he would be a strong candidate."

Neither Senator Corker or Governor Haslam announced any specific plans for 2018.

Additionally, Rep. Cohen fired back at the governor after a decision by the state of Tennessee to reintroduce work requirements for anyone who gets SNAP benefits.

His letter to Governor Haslam is as follows:

The work requirements were reduced in 2008 because of the recession.

The new rules will go into effect in February, and applicants will have 90 days to comply with the rules.

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