Juvenile court defendants could face transfer

The Shelby County District Attorney General's office has a warning for juveniles who commit serious crimes: Do it and take a chance on being tried as an adult.

Wednesday the D. A. went after seven juveniles in several different cases in an attempt to try them as adults.

A surveillance tape from Macy's at Oak Court Mall in mid-July was the key to capturing suspects, after a 71 year-old woman was knocked down and her purse stolen. The graphic video clearly showed the suspects running from the store, purse in hand, then jumping into a Honda Accord.

Jimmy Smith of Guinn Used Cars on Lamar saw the car and license plate on Action News Five.

"The night of the Macy's robbery we saw it on TV and I-D'd the guy in the picture," Smith said,"I called the police department said that's the guy that robbed the dealership of the Honda."

Smith said two people came on the car lot during the day and were able to trick a salesperson. "One guy came in and acted like he was going to look at a car and he had already stolen the keys off the ring," he said. "The other guys came in, and as they were leaving the lot he just got on the lot, grabbed the car, and left."

Smith said his biggest fear was the car would be used in crimes where someone got hurt. He wants the suspects to be tried as adults.

"That was a pretty old lady that broke her hip and dislocated her shoulder," he said. "She may end up losing sight in one eye."

Smith showed up at juvenile court Wednesday to testify in the hearing for 15 year-old Neil Rice, 16 year-old Michael Wilder and 17 year-old Spuriko Burchett. The District Attorney wants to try the juveniles as adults. Wednesday their hearing was postponed.

Officials at Juvenile Court say teens as young as 14 can be tried as adults. Jimmy Smith says he'll show up at juvenile court as many times as he has to.

"Until its done, and they go to jail," he said.