Three month temperature outlook from NOAA

Three month temperature outlook from NOAA

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - We have finally fallen to near average temperatures for highs and lows, but we will head back above average next week.

In fact, the latest three-month temperature outlook from NOAA matches our thinking and shows a 30-40  chance of seeing above average temperatures for October, November, and December.

Part of their reasoning is the weak La Niña.

30-40 percent chance isn't a high chance, but it means that there will be periods of several days here and there that will be somewhat warmer than usual.

It may only be by five degrees or it may be by 15 degrees.

There will still be brief blasts of cold air but the jet stream probably won't dip south of us for days or weeks at a time, which is key for pulling colder air out of Canada and Alaska.

While snow chances are usually pretty low through November, a shot or two can't be ruled out.

The good news for our cold weather haters: this pattern could limit extreme cold blasts heading into the first part of winter.

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