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Baseball brawlers face Tunica judge

More than two months after the baseball brawl, David Jones, father of one of the players, is still recovering, "I'm not the same. It's been a struggle and continue to be a struggle."

Jones said the game got out of control and William Clark, an official at the game, assaulted him, causing severe injuries, "I'm in my brace. I've got metal rods and five screws in my neck connecting five vertebrae together. That'll be that way for the rest of my life."

Clark and his son went before a Tunica judge Wednesday and plead guilty to assault, "We were wrong," he said. "It should never happen again, it probably will never happen again."

Clark told the judge the whole incident, which started with a player getting injured, simply got out of control when parents stepped in.

"Let the kids play ball," he said. "Parents sit back and watch, enjoy your kids growing up."

Clark said neither he nor his son meant to hurt anyone.

"I did sincerely make an apology to Mr. Jones. I feel for him and his family and feel for his situation."

Each were sentenced to two hundred dollars in fines and a year probation. David Jones said that is little comfort to him.

"I'm not the same," he said. "It's been a struggle and continue to be a struggle. I don't know the final outcome of my condition, could be something that hampers my ability to work."

Jones attorney suggested the Clarks be sent to anger management as part of the sentence. They objected and the judge did not follow the suggestion.

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