Thousands of roses up for grabs in Memphis after store mix-up

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - They say every rose has its thorn, but these roses have no home.

And Andy Oberle, who drove them in, doesn't know what to do with them.

These aren't the yellow roses of Texas that Elvis spoke of. These are thousands of yellow, red and pink roses left in his cooled trailer in Memphis.

"Crazy stuff," Oberle said. "I never thought I would spend a week getting rid of a truckload of flowers."

The roses were ordered a week ago for a grocery chain, who feared Hurricane Irma would create a rose shortage.

"(They) got them shipped in from everywhere thinking the Florida market was going to be wiped out and when it didn't get wiped out, they got twice as many flowers turning up at their doorstep as what they need," Oberle said.

A rose is still a rose, and these roses from the country of Columbia almost ended up in the dumpster after the store refused to take most of the shipment, Oberle said.

"There's going to be lawsuits over it," Oberle told WMC Action News 5. "I don't know who's to blame but the word was dump them, get rid of them."

Instead of being trash, they could end up your treasure!

"A part of me can't just throw them out when they could bring some joy to some people's lives," Oberle said.

To get your hand on the magic spells roses can cast, you can grab these bouquets for free this weekend.

"There's plenty there for each of your girlfriends!" Oberle joked.

To pick up your free bouquet of flowers, go to 5331 Republic Drive off Lamar between 9 a.m. and noon Saturday, Sept. 30. Before  you go, call Andy at (901) 849-4494.

We contacted the grocery chain about these roses, who said they are looking into the issue.

The crew at WMC was even able to pick up a few bouquets for ourselves, and there was still plenty of roses leftover!

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