Collierville man shares lesson learned after carjacking

Collierville man shares lesson learned after carjacking

COLLIERVILLE, TN (WMC) - A Collierville man is thankful to be alive after he was the victim of a carjacking that turned violent over the weekend.

Stefan Kirkland says he was reminded of a hard lesson this weekend.

"One thing I learned in the military when I got deployed is that complacency can kill," Kirkland said.

He was driving home in Collierville early Saturday morning around 1 a.m., exiting off Highway 385 at Byhalia Road when he was rear-ended by another car.

He got out to assess the damage, and when he turned around, he found two men pointing guns at his head demanding everything he had.

"Whenever they saw I was kinda stalling a little bit, the guy took the gun from my hand, aimed it at my leg, and pulled the trigger," Kirkland said.

The men then took off in Kirkland's car.

Luckily, his cell phone was still in his pocket. He was able to call 911 while applying pressure to his leg. He praised the quick response by police.

"The first cop was there with a makeshift tourniquet within 45 seconds to a minute to the 911 call," Kirkland said.

Kirkland says what surprises him the most is that he still can't believe it happened in Collierville

"Stuff like carjackings and shootings don't happen in Collierville, and if they do they don't happen at the same time," Kirkland said.

Now, he wants what happened to him to serve as a reminder that bad things can happen anywhere and to not take any chances

"Where there's more people, more light, where there's cameras and you can do your damage passement at the gas station a quarter mile up the road," Kirkland said. "You don't have to do it right there, especially when it comes to your safety."

The bullet just missed doing serious damage to Kirkland's leg.

The two suspects have not been arrested, and they could be driving Kirkland's stolen 2012 black Ford Fusion.

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