Fake officer pulls over woman driving in Arkansas

ST. FRANCIS CO., AR (WMC) - An Arkansas woman said a man posing as a police officer pulled her over in St. Francis County.

Kaitlyn Courtney told investigators that a Dodge Charger pulled up behind her, turned on flashing blue lights, and forced her to pull over.

The woman stopped in the parking lot of the Exxon gas station on East Broadway Avenue. She said the fake officer was wearing a green colored shirt that read "St. Francis County undercover officer."

The fake officer told the woman there were reports of a man stopping women in the area, so he wanted to help make sure she got home safe.

That's when an unknown person started walking across the parking lot. The woman said the fake officer quickly changed his tone and told the woman she could leave.

Courtney said the man she described was Hispanic, 6-feet-2-inches tall with a short haircut and a thick accent was wearing an olive green shirt. He didn't want to see her driver's license or insurance card.

"We're extremely concerned there is a person who has assumed the identity of a law enforcement officer and put our public at risk," Sgt. Eddie Adamson of the St. Francis County Sheriff's Office said.

Adamson says the nightmare of a Todd Burmingham, known as the blue light rapist, is still on the minds of law enforcement even though he was convicted in the late 1990s and was sentenced to life in prison.

A law was enacted in the state of Arkansas after that, prohibiting anyone who is not law enforcement from buying blue lights in the state.

"We want this guy. We want him bad, and we're really upfront about it," Adamson said.

St. Francis County Sheriff's Department said deputies activated a Be On the Look Out alert for the fake officer. They are also working to track down surveillance video from the area where the fake traffic stop took place.

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