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Kids' sports becoming more violent

These 12 year-olds are a day away from the championship game at the Hap Dumont world series in Bartlett and between Team Collierville and the Tennessee Thunder sit about three dozen determined parents.

Jonathan Pulley's child is playing on the Tennessee Thunder team.

He told me how important these games are.

"It's competitive ball and when you play competitive ball everybody has a bar that they want to set and umpires can influence that, you know, a lot. One bad call can cost you a game," he said.

We told Pulley about the two Tunica umpires charged with assaulting a parent at a little league game.

He told us he understands how parents can get too involved.

"Peoples like... Like myself, they want to get their kids prepared for high school... For hopefully they'll get a scholarship," he said.

Even professional ball has seen it's share of aggression between fans and players this past year.

Memphis Redbird Skip Schumaker said, "You don't really know who did what and you know we're out here trying to play a game and concentrate on a game and when you get things thrown at you, you're defenseless."

But the stakes seem lower at these games. At least you might expect that they would.

"It can get pretty intense out here," said parent and Memphian John Anthony.

Anthony's son's team was eliminated from the 12-year-old series already. He says people have been well behaved so far. But he too has seen parents get a little too involved.

"You're always wanting them to do their best and sometimes your attitudes can get a out of hand and parents forget that it's about the kids and sometimes it's gotten out of hand," he said.

All told me they've seen parents and coaches regularly ejected from these games.

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