How to score the best deal on auto insurance

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - We all want the best car insurance and the lowest rate, but do you know where you can get great coverage, low premiums, and a reasonable deductible?

Nancy Crawford of the better Business Bureau has some of those answers. She said the first thing you should do is talk with relatives and friends about what kind of auto insurance they have and get several estimates.

"Get an estimate from each one of them and then put it down on paper or in a spread sheet, and compare what are the deductibles, what are the coverage amounts, making sure that you are comparing apples to apples," Crawford said.

If you have renter's or home insurance with one company, get an estimate from that company for auto insurance. Often times, you will get a discount if you bundle multiple kinds of insurance with one company.

When looking for insurance, rates and coverage can vary as much as the value of your car.

You have to have liability insurance that protects you when you have an accident, you have to have collision insurance to repair your damaged vehicle, and most people get comprehensive insurance that protects you in all kinds of other incidents.

The key is dealing with a reputable company and agent in the state where you live.

"You want to make sure the product they are selling is licensed to be sold in the state of Tennessee," Crawford said. "So most of the time somebody advertising insurance in the state of Tennessee is going to be a licensed agent, but you also always want to check that out."

Your credit score can also cut costs.

"Your credit score affects the cost of your insurance, and people with a better credit score often get insurance at better rates," Crawford said.

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