The world's most expensive pizza will cost you $2K

NEW YORK (WMC) - The world's most expensive pizza is covered in gold and comes with a $2,000 price tag.

Just steps away from Wall Street, at the southern tip of Manhattan is Industry Kitchen, a restaurant that services the world's most expensive pizza.

The chef won't say how many of the 12-inch pies he's sold so far, but the hefty price tag is likely to shy away many potential buyers.

Each precious pizza must be ordered two days in advance, so Chef Baulio Bunay can import the high-end ingredients from around the world.

The dough is made with flour from Italy, squid ink from India, and sprinkled with gold flakes from Ecuador.

Chef Bunay said every ingredient is fresh, including toppings like white Stilton cheese from England, foie gras from France, and $300 worth of black truffles.

On top of that is 24-karat gold tape from Germany. The chef then includes plenty of exotic ossetra caviar flown in from the Caspian Sea--one once of which can sell for over $1,000.

The final touch? Rose petals.

So if you're feeling fancy and you've got the money, this pizza awaits you.

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