Fake officer pulls another woman over in Arkansas

ST. FRANCIS CO., AR (WMC) - At least two women have been pulled over by a fake police officer in Arkansas in the last couple of days.

The most recent incident happened Wednesday afternoon on Highway 1 near Forrest City.

It followed a similar pattern to one that happened a couple days ago. In both instances, the man was driving a Dodge Charger with blue lights.

"It's an alarming situation to say the very least, for the public and it's alarming for us," said Sgt. Eddie Adamson of St. Francis County Sheriff's Office.

During the most recent incident, the man told the woman he pulled her over for running a stop sign. During the earlier incident, the man told the woman he pulled over that there were reports of a man in the area praying on women, so he wanted to make sure she got home safe.

Neither woman was physically harmed.

"It's been very traumatic for both the victims when they realized how the event had actually unfolded and how it certainly could have gotten much worse," Adamson said.

Both women said the man driving the Dodge Charger wore a t-shirt identifying him as being part of St. Francis County Sheriff's Office.

Now, every deputy with the department is searching for the man responsible for these fake traffic stops.

In the meantime, St. Francis Sheriff's Office said its deputies will never pull you over in an unmarked car.

Plus, all citizens are welcome to ask any deputy for their credentials. Adamson said anyone can order a shirt online; he said badges can even be faked, in some instances. However, credentials are very difficult to replicate authentically.

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