Officer’s testimony allowed in untested rape kits lawsuit

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A former Memphis Police Lieutenant will be allowed to testify as the city of Memphis goes to court over thousands of untested rape kits.

There was conflict from both sides about allowing former Memphis Police Lt. Cody Wilkerson to testify.

However, Judge Gina Higgins ultimately granted the deposition

"We'll have more information come out of that deposition than we've gotten to date in the course of the past several years," said prosecutor Daniel Lofton.

The city's attorneys didn't want to comment, but the judge ordered both parties work together to outline what issues and topics will be allowed in the deposition.

"I'm happy with the ruling today," plaintiff Debby Dalhoff said.

Memphis had thousands of kits that went untested for years, causing the victims to sue the city. Ask just about any of the victims in this case and they'll tell you this has been an extremely long and process.

After a hearing on Thursday, one of the victims said she's happy both sides are making progress.

"It's a very long process, so it's time for some due justice," Dalhoff said.

It's been 35 years for Dalhoff. She says she tries to go to every hearing to make sure her voice is heard.

"We need some closure in this whole thing," Dalhoff said.

As for victims like Dalhoff, she feels this is one step closer to her 35-year nightmare being over.

"Just want it to end," Dalhoff said.

The plaintiff's lawyer says they hope to have the deposition by October 30.

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