Blogger reveals best ways to feed a family on a budget

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - For parents with busy lives, figuring out what's for dinner every night can be challenging, especially when you want to keep it nutritious, tasty, and affordable.

Blogger Jennifer Vaughn of has four kids and lives on a budget.

Vaughn has ideas for anyone looking for new meals and ideas for dinner.

She says to get several neighbors together and share meals once or twice a week.

"Do a meal prep with friends," Vaughn said. "I have several friends that started a meal prep share to make up meals and then they share them so that everybody is getting something different, but it keeps the cost down."

Vaughn said whenever you go grocery shopping, become a part of their rewards program and look for sales each and every week. If something goes on sale that you eat all the time, buy in bulk.

"A lot of times when I am shopping, I buy items that I know we are going to use throughout the week and I stock my pantry when they are on sale and then I make my menu based on what's in my pantry," Vaughn said.

She said there is prep work like cutting vegetables that you can do one night of the week for the entire week. This makes it easier for meals throughout the week if you can do the prep work ahead of time.

"Pick a day, whether its a weekend or maybe its one week night, that you have available and make a plan, and with that plan you want to make a menu a lot of times," she said. "Some of the best healthy meals have some simple prep pieces. You need to cut the vegetables, have things portioned out ahead of time, and so if you take maybe two hours on an evening or a weekend to go ahead and do all of that at one time and then you could have it ready to go throughout the week."

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