MPD Officer struck by car

Officer Nigel Williams is in good condition tonight, considering. He's got a broken leg and injured his hip and shoulder. But it could have been a lot worse.

At Southern and Country Club, the scene was police panic. And between there and the MED, it was panic on wheels. Left at the crime scene, a broken police radar gun and an apologetic driver who says she didn't see the police officer in the street before she hit him.

"When he was hit, he went over the top of the car and into the street and so our first indication was that we just had an officer injured down here it'll take a little bit of time before we can determine the exact speed," said Major Mark Collins.

Officer Nigel Williams was running radar on foot.  Southern Avenue Southbound has a speeding problem and Officer Williams was doing his job.

"Sometimes you have to get out and do something to make people notice you to pull them over in a traffic situation," said Collins.

Police say Nigel Williams' injuries are limited to a few broken bones, that he'll be ok.

Police Director Larry Godwin - at the hospital to check up on him - says he suspects Williams was following policy.

When asked if the policy puts officers at risk, he said the policy is good but the danger doesn't change.

"Maybe we need to remind and freshen up but I think everything's fine and i'm just glad he's gonna be ok," said Godwin.

Godwin says - if anything - more training may be required. But - he says - accidents like this are rare.