Often-overlooked MLGW policy rewards customers

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A WMC Action News 5 employee opened her MLGW bill and was taken aback when her balance read zero.

It's a policy that's always been around, but MLGW said a lot of people don't read their bills, so they never notice.

Marquesha Garmon initially thought her MLGW bill for this month was wrong.

"I know they've had glitches with kiosks and things like that, so I said well maybe MLGW, they are going through some type of mistake," Garmon said.

So, she called MLGW. She was told when she first activated service, she paid a $200 deposit.

"He said, 'Well no ma'am, it's not a mistake,'" Garmon said. "If you have paid your bill on time every month and have no problems with us, you eventually get that $200 down payment back."

MLGW spokesperson Gail Jones Carson said it's all written right in their customer care policy.

"We've had that in place for a long time," Carson said.

Depending on a number of factors, some customers are required to pay a deposit when their service is activated.

After 24 months, good customers get it back.

"They don't even have to make the request but if they've got good credit, no cutoffs, no pending problems with their bills, they will get their $200 deposit returned to them," Carson said.

Garmon said though she didn't know about the policy, but she's definitely not complaining.

"OK, I'll take it, I won't argue with that," Garmon said. "It pays to pay your bill on time."

MLGW said even if you do pay a bill late, as long as you pay before service cuts off, you could still get your deposit back.

If you want to read more on MLGW's customer care policy, click here or read it below.

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