Time-saving technology could improve MPD response times

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - New technology could save you time when it matters most: during a life-threatening situation.

Memphis Police Department is testing the new GPS technology in 60 cruisers already. The GPS allows dispatchers to know where every officer is at any given moment.

That technology could help make sure the officer who is closest to you during an emergency is contacted and sent your way.

"You would definitely want to make sure the right person is in the right location to make it to the right destination," Mike Thompson said.

"I think it'll be a good idea, because it will help the police get to us faster if something is going on," Kenshunda Shaw said.

The technology syncs with traffic systems in the police car. That means the officer who is closest can click on the location of the emergency and get directions there immediately.

"I think emergencies happen all the time. If they could go straight to you without you directing them, I think it would be excellent," Latoya Baxter said.

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