MEMFix revitalizes Madison Heights

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - MemFix took over the Madison Heights neighborhood to promote rebirth in the area.

The organization re-invigorated the block on Madison Avenue on Friday.

The event featured pop-up shops, vendors, entertainment, public art, and more.

It's an effort from MemFix to show the potential of the Madison Heights area and hopefully encourage the city to work to re-invigorate the area permanently.

Madison Heights, sandwiched in between Downtown and Midtown, is often a neighborhood we simply pass through without a stop.

MemFix is hoping to breathe new life into this area along Madison Avenue, and pizzeria Slice of Soul is helping to pioneer that change.

"We want to be the first ones here to make a statement to show that, 'Hey your business can work here,'" said Howard Bell IV with Slice of Soul.

The doors of Slice of Soul opened Friday for a soft opening, showing off what's to come.

"Drink a cup of coffee with us," Bell said. "Eat a slice. Take a sip."

The pizza joint that hopes to be a staple for the locals in the neighborhood.

"Lot of people in this area really need to see that this area can be vibrant," said Anthony Latiker with Slice of Soul.

That's the goal of MEMFix - come into neighborhood seemingly forgotten and show the potential of what it could look like with a little love and attention.

"For this one, I think we would like to see slower traffic speeds just more pedestrian friendly, safer environment," said MemFix's John Paul Shaffer. "Just more a more engaging environment."

"People are going to come to these areas but right now you need to have these pioneers like ourselves that are going to come in and say, 'well it's not renovated yet but we see the potential in it,'" Bell said.

It's a change that starts with events like this allowing new businesses to intertwine with existing ones to showcase the possibilities.

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