Blytheville High School student arrested for making terroristic threats

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (WMC) - A 14-year-old Blytheville student has been charged with making terroristic threats at school.

According to Blytheville Police Department, school district officials told officers about a student threatening the school Tuesday.

When they got to campus, they were shown a Facebook Live video of that student saying he was going to shoot up this year's graduation.

"They told me he was targeting the gym where all the teachers and parents were going to be," said Blytheville High School student Isaiah Richardson.

Superintendent Richard Atwill said school security and Blytheville police worked together to stop the threat. He said he was thankful nobody was hurt.

The school district suspended the student. Police arrested the teenager and charged him with making a terroristic threat.

"They need to start monitoring these kids," said parent Rachel Murphy. "They need to put up metal detectors."

Police said this same student previously caused a disruption at school before yelling "school shooter."

Murphy has three children who go to Blytheville High School. She said the district needs to do a better job of keeping parents informed.

"They want us to keep up with our kids to make sure they come to school and do what they're supposed to do," Murphy said. "Why can't they keep informing us on what's going on in the school?"

The school district temporarily increased security at the high school, and everything is now back to normal.

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