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Former MPD Officer David Tate sentenced

Former Memphis Police Officer David Tate was sentenced to 14 years in prison today. Earlier this year, Tate pleaded guilty to bribery and corruption charges.

Investigators described Tate as the brains behind a scheme that began in the spring of 2004 when Tate tried to establish relationships with people at several Memphis topless clubs. The deal: Tate would take money to tip off the clubs about police raids.

Tate was caught almost as soon as he made the first contact by a former FBI agent who worked at Platinum Rose. The man started recording their conversations.

The Feds were on to Tate immediately. Tate recruited another police officer, Billy Scott, to transport prostitutes and drugs to Tunica casinos. They didn't know the so-called prostitutes were undercover FBI agents.

Billy Scott recruited another former MPD Officer John Vaughan to help.

Then Tate's girlfriend, topless dancer April Veach, conspired with Tate and Vaughan to rob the home of pro wrestler Jerry Lawler. Veach had been in Lawler's home and told Tate he kept 200 thousand dollars in a juke box. During this time the feds were monitoring and recording conversations from Tate's cell phone.

The trio was arrested the day before the robbery was planned.

April Veach and former Memphis Police officers Billy Scott and John Vaughn were charged along with Tate.

Veach, Scott and Vaughn have all plead guilty to the charges against them and are currently awaiting sentencing.

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