Second large cat sighting reported in MS

BYHALIA, MS (WMC) - The legend of the large cat on the prowl in north Mississippi remains strong. A second person has come forward with more proof that there is definitely something to the story.

A video of the animal was recorded in Hernando on Wednesday and quickly went viral on Facebook.

"I've never seen anything that big," he said. "The cops and everyone were like, 'Holy cow, that's not a house cat. That's a large animal.'"

Kelly Boudreaux, who lives in Byhalia, now also claims to have captured surveillance footage of what she believes to be a panther. She even said she has heard the big cat.

"I could tell it was feline," she said. "Sure enough, we seen the panther or whatever it is, a big cat."

Boudreaux and her husband set up surveillance cameras at their home to protect them from intruders, not something quite like this.

"He's there. He's here. We hear him, so he's there and it's scary," she said.

It's been about one week since the first sighting happened about 30 miles away in Hernando.

"Sounds like a woman crying or a baby and you can also hear, like, the undertones of a cat," Boudreaux said.

She said whatever was making those strange noises outside was several feet long and more than 100 pounds.

"Gonna have to take precautions," she said. "Look around when you get out of the car. We put more lighting up to be careful."

A DeSoto County Sheriff's Department deputy said they had not gotten any calls about people seeing "large cats" in the area.

Mississippi wildlife experts said that panthers do not exist in Mississippi, however, biologists said it is possible this could be a black cougar. Either way, everyone agrees that if you do encounter this large cat, do not approach it or try to capture it.

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