Man's checking account cleared out after paying mortgage

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Eric Pilkington put this month's mortgage check in his mailbox not thinking much of it.

"It's the same thing I do every month," Pilkington said.

Eric put the mailbox flag up and he thinks it was could have been that flag that alerted a thief. A couple weeks later, his mortgage company called to say they never got his check.

"I opened my bank account online and checked, and I had a zero balance," Pilkington said.

Pilkington saw an electronic copy of a fraudulent check that cleaned out his checking account. He thinks the criminal took his mortgage check out of his mailbox in order to make the fraudulent check.

"It was somebody I didn't know, had never heard of. The check had all my information exactly like it did on my bank checks, but there were things missing."

Pilkington contacted his bank, and he's now getting his money back. But he hopes the name written on the bogus check will help police stop the man who stole from him.

"I don't know if it was their real name on the check or not. I did look the name up on Facebook, and there is a person by that name in Memphis," Pilkington said.

Even if an arrest is made, Pilkington wants his Uptown neighbors to be on the lookout.

"I would just tell people in my neighborhood, if you see any suspicious activity at all to please report it," Pilkington said. "It's better to report it and it be a false alarm, than to let it go and somebody have a lot of damage or theft."

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