Parents deliver passionate plea for change to school leaders

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis parents gathered for a passionate plea Saturday to school leaders in Memphis and Shelby County.

Dozens of Memphis parents, calling themselves Memphis LIFT, got together for their second annual Parent Summit. The topic was making education better for all Memphis students.

"Whether it's a charter school, ASD or district school, we want great schools on every corner," said Sarah Carpenter with Memphis LIFT.

In a three-hour meeting, parents took aim at several of what they say are key problems, like a lack of funding and no cooperation between the school districts and the state.

"Just fund adequately, and stop the bickering and put it towards the education that the kids need in the classroom," said Eric Dunn, parent of a Vision Prep student.

Another problem they want to be solved is failing schools.

"You holding our kids hostage in schools that's not doing what the supposed to do," Carpenter said. "Stop holding our kids hostage."

The group was very passionate, but they say this energy isn't anger or frustration, it's determination.

"A lot of people believe that there is a lot of anger behind this but it isn't, we're all in this together," said Tawana Jefferys with Memphis LIFT.

They say if the parents in Memphis aren't brought to the table for key education decisions, then they'll try to do it themselves.

"We making our own table and we going to invite you to our table from now on," Carpenter said. "We're not coming to your table, you going to come to our table. And we might just feed you."

This group says they aren't going anywhere anytime soon, and they'll do whatever it takes to get their children the education they deserve.

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