Quikfix allows Rhodes College students to earn money around class schedule

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - With $25 and the click of a mouse, a college student can be at your door to help you move a sofa, rake the lawn, or assemble a bookshelf.

That's the idea behind a new service that just launched at Rhodes College.

The thought came to Parker Pell and Ben Seigel in May while sitting in their dorm room.

"We just finished moving one of our friends into their houses and Ben just started talking about this idea and here it is," Pell said.

In just a few short months the roommates task service business Quikfix is booming, with more and more customers joining on to hire college kids to complete the sometimes unwanted jobs around the house.

The jobs include anything from yard work to cleaning, and all jobs pay the students $20.

"Someone has an hour free where they can go rake leaves and it's hard to turn down $20," Seigel said.

The business came as a solution to their problem--how to make money while working around the their class schedule.

Quikfix works by a customer paying $25 to post a task on the website looking for help.

The business pockets a $5 fee and a student looking for work can pick up the job.

"Within 30 seconds somebody will pick it up and the student will know where they are going, what they are doing, and make $20," Seigel said.

In all, Quikfix employs 80 Rhodes students--all background checked and verified as students. Plans to expand to other colleges in Memphis and across the country are in the works now.

"We've seen lots of success and it's kind of going. We're excited and we're just working at it every single day, when ever we don't have class of course because our parents made sure to tell us class comes first," Pell said.

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