Trump, Corker rivalry reignites with Tweetstorm of jabs

WASHINGTON (WMC) - The war of words between President Donald Trump and Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) has reached new heights.

Corker appeared on The Today Show on Tuesday morning and naturally was asked about his decaying relationship with Trump ahead of the president's Senate Republican lunch on tax reform.

Corker referred to the lunch as "a show."

"I do look at these things as more of a photo op. They're not really about substance," Corker said.

Corker said there is much work to be done and the tough parts on the tax plan will come in the coming weeks.

Corker, who will not seek re-election, has previously mentioned Trump's comments having a possibility to lead to World War III. When asked about these comments, Corker said the people working around him, such as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defense James Mattis, work to contain Trump.

Corker said Trump has "kneecapped" Tillerson in regards to North Korea.

He said he wants Trump to reach a diplomatic solution rather than prodding at North Korea with Tweets.

Corker said he has always been an independent voice and was not disappointed to see other Republican lawmakers not take his side.

"Other senators may have other issues they're dealing with, but this is the role I believe I should play," Corker said.

In light of Corker's interview, Trump took to Twitter to once again call out Corker for not supporting his tax plan.

Corker's staff has since disputed Trump's claims that Corker was responsible for the Iran deal.

"In reality, Senator Corker led the opposition to the Iran deal in Congress and voted against it," Corker's spokesperson said in a statement. "He has addressed this claim himself before. But don't just take our word for it. The Associated Press, USA Today, New York Times,, and PolitiFact all recently took a look at the claim."

Corker also took one more jab at the president, referring to his previous claim that the White House has become "an adult day care center."

Trump wasn't going to let that Tweet go unrecognized, so he took back to his Twitter to again call out "liddle'" Bob Corker.

WMC Action News 5 asked Lt. Governor Randy McNally about the ongoing public feud while he was in Memphis on Tuesday speaking to the Rotary Club.

"Well I would hope it would stop. I think both individuals have a lot to offer the country, and I think that this interferes with it," McNally said.

David Cocke, former chairman of the Shelby County Democratic Party, called the ongoing back and forth deeply disturbing and both politicians are in the wrong.

"Two wrongs don't make a right. Both need to be responsible statesmen and be careful about what they say," Cocke said.

Corker was also asked today if he regretted supporting President Trump in the election.

"Let's just put it this way, I would not do it again," he said.

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