Neighbors in Parkway Village want more patrols before, after school

Neighbors want more done to protect these kids.

A town hall meeting Tuesday in Orange Mound covered everything from the status of the fairgrounds to safety for District 4 neighborhood-- a topic that took center stage.

One woman pleaded for more patrols before and after school to add more protection for kids.

"Could there be heavier or more patrols on the time that children are going to school to Wooddale?" Lori Reece asked.

Reece was taking out her parent's trash when 15-year-old Lorenzo Mays was shot in the leg after a masked group tried to take his cell phone.

"Just to put a little more eyes in that area because there is a lot of crime, a lot of shooting that goes on in that Parkway Village area," Reece said.

She wants those eyes to come from more patrols in the area before and after school, from Skycop cameras, and from other neighbors simply being more vigilant of what's going on.

"I try to watch some of the students as I go to work to make sure that they are safe going to school and arriving at school," Reece said.

She takes a lap or two around the block in hopes of preventing another child from being shot on their way to school.

"I know children are older, and they are capable of walking to and from school, but be vigilant and visual of what's going on," Reece said.

Councilwoman Jamita Swearengen told those neighbors at Tuesday's meeting to apply for the city's neighborhood grant program for anyone looking to add more Skycop cameras to their area.

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