Medical Examiner's report offers details on Collierville deaths

The Medical Examiner's report was issued today on the four deaths in a home on Kings Ridge last week in Collierville.

The report says four year-old Brooke Fleming died from drowning. According to the report her step sister, 11 year-old Chelsea Morgan, died from drowning, strangulation, and asphyxia. The report says the children's mother, Julie Hall, died from asphyxia and manual strangulation. It lists all of their deaths as homicides.

According the Examiner's report, Brooke's father Tim Fleming died from strangulation, possibly by hanging. The report says it was suicide.

Collierville Police Captain Tommy McCaskill said Monday there was not an intruder at the home on King Ridge. He said investigators may never know why it happened, and would not say if any note of explanation was left.

The family's neighbor said the whole thing is troubling and puzzling.

"Those two little girls would play right here," said neighbor John Ellis, "just about everyday."

Ellis said he recently talked with Fleming, who was excited about moving the family to Van Buren, Arkansas so he could start a new job as a real estate appraiser. Ellis says the family was packed and ready to go.

"He was excited about the new beginning they were going to experience to Van Buren," Ellis said.

Now Chelsea Morgan's class at Collierville Elementary will have to try to make sense of what happened to their classmate, and her entire family.